A tandem jump

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A tandem jump

see the world from above

The jump is performer from a height of 4000 meters. A passenger who is attached to the pilot of a tandem parachute, relish outstanding views and experience unforgettable moments dashing at a speed of 250 kmph. Otwarcie spadochronu następuje na 1800m.

The jump is preceded by a short overland training.

The whole hump is recorded by a cameraman jumper who being falling next to the pair in tandem is creating a wonderful souvenir that will allow you to come back to the sky whenever you want.

The jump ends with a soft landing as well as with handing a commemorative diploma.

Jumps do not require Any legalities, physical examination or Any insurance. It is enough to contact with me at 500-042-268.

An opportunity to perform jumps with the disabled.

How does it look like

Order a voucher for a jump right now!

For only one hundred zlotych you can become an owner of a unique voucher for a tandem parachute jump. You can give the voucher as an original gift or use it on your own during any weekend till the end of the season. The price of a voucher is treated as a deposit for a jump. The rest of payment will be settled directly before the jump.

To order the voucher contact with us at 500-042-268 or click on BUY A VUCHER and order it. We invite you. KRAKÓW, Bielsko - Biała, Zakopane as well.

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