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Feel the adrenaline in the winter!

A snowboard training

Why snowboard?

1. Aerobical exercises.
Snowboarding improves general condition and burns calories. Besides, It is a great treat from the traditional trainings. There is no boredom here.

2. Balance and elasticity.
This sport requires quite big skils of stability and balancing the body. It is important to change the direction of ride quickly and smoothly. Many times It is needed to give a lot of energy to hold oneself on the edge of the snowboard .

3. Strengthening the muscles
Contrary to appearances during snowboarding not only legs are active. The muscles of stomach and the notal ones are working as much actively. And while lifting oneself shoulders are engaged as well.

4. Positive emotions
I connotate snowboarding with freedom and a dash of craziness. Even in the initial phase of Learning It gives a great deal of joy and satisfaction. Justifiably ,the winter sports are becoming more and more popular.

5. Self-confidence, no boredom
Mastering new skills is a great way to improve one`s self-confidence and challenging oneself does not allow to be bored.

A ski training

Ski trainings are conducted by the chartered instructors. We teach both individually and in groups. The schedule is adjusted to the sage and the mastered skills. We teach from scratch i.e. standing on the skis, stopping , the snowplough. We improve the pararell skiing as well. The slope on which we teach is chosen individually depending on how advanced a trainee is. People of any age could take part in our courses Even three-year-olds can take their “First steps” on skis. Welcome :)

Interested in a training?

The course includes carrying out proffesional and workmanlike trainings both for an individual and a group of people. The duration of a training and a number of people who are trained is free ( to be fixed). The course is carried out in a nice atmosphere and it could include a training from scratch or mastering the owned skills. The offer includes all daylong instructional day ( minimum 4 hours or until you can`t no more. During the course we record everything on a videocamera and in the evening we analyze and discuss the record together. We invite you!

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