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The AFF parachute training AFF

We will teach you to fly!

AFF: Accelerated Free Fall Course i.e. a crash course of free fall owns its name to effectiveness of training. For the time being there is no more effective method of a parachute training. It is based on the jumps from a height of 4000 meters accompanied by the instructors who are heartbeat away from a young jumper and this way , by insuring him and correcting his silhouette in the air, they teach him the art of free fall. In this way in a few days of a good weather one could become a self- reliant jumper who takes his parachute on his back and performs an unaided jumps from a height of 4000 meters.

Stages of training




A practical part consist of two stages

The first stage - two jumps with two instructors (750zł/skok),
The second stage - from 5 to 7 jumpers with one instructor (550zł/skok);

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For only one hundred zlotych you can become an owner of a unique voucher for a tandem parachute jump. You can give the voucher as an original gift or use it on your own during any weekend till the end of the season. The price of a voucher is treated as a deposit for a jump. The rest of payment will be settled directly before the jump.

To order the voucher contact with us at 500-042-268 or click on BUY A VUCHER and order it. We invite you. KRAKÓW, Bielsko - Biała, Zakopane as well.

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