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Tandem jump in the mountains

See the mountains from the bird’ eyes perspective

Tandsnow organizes as well tandem jumps in our beautiful Polish mountains. Tatry or Beskid. During rising up to the height needed to the jump the whole Szczyrk or Zakopane are being admired. In the winter while skiing through the snow you would not even thing how beautiful this place is from the bird’s eyes imagery. The jumps is performed over the mountains and then we approach the airport using the parachute.

It is really a breathtaking scenery!

Order a voucher for a jump right now!

For only one hundred zlotych you can become an owner of a unique voucher for a tandem parachute jump. You can give the voucher as an original gift or use it on your own during any weekend till the end of the season. The price of a voucher is treated as a deposit for a jump. The rest of payment will be settled directly before the jump.

To order the voucher contact with us at 500-042-268 or click on BUY A VUCHER and order it. We invite you. KRAKÓW, Bielsko - Biała, Zakopane as well.

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